Document: Comparing your intranet requirements with Microsoft 365, SharePoint, and Viva Connections

Before you decide on a platform for your next intranet you of course need to compare its capabilities to your business needs. Download this document for support in analyzing how your requirements can be met by Microsoft 365, SharePoint, and Viva Connections.

For organizations using Microsoft 365, it is often an obvious choice to use the market leading suite of productivity tools as the platform when starting to plan for a new intranet. And this should come as no surprise since:

  • If the organization already is subscribing to the platform, there might be no additional license costs.
  • Stakeholders are not criticized for choosing well-established products such as SharePoint, Yammer, and Viva Connections.
  • In many cases, there will be internal or external IT people testifying that the Microsoft 365 platform holds capabilities to meet your high-level requirements.

But before deciding on the platform for your next intranet, it is of course wise to compare the capabilities of Microsoft 365 with your business needs on a more detailed level. Welcome to download the document Comparing intranet requirements to Microsoft 365 to learn more about how the platform can meet common needs regarding branding, news management, navigation, search, targeting, templating, and mobile.

Microsoft 365 Intranet capabilities vs. requirements.

Some of the findings discussed in the document include:

  • News management and targeting limitations will present notable challenges for communicators aiming for a well-planned, manageble, and personalized solution.
  • Shortcomings in the platform regarding navigation, search, and mobile can be sources of confusion for end-users.
  • The standard SharePoint setup for branding, templating, and governance is likely to give a dispersed solution which might impair the user experience.
  • A SharePoint intranet is typically set up as a selection of sites loosely coupled into a portal where uniform appearance and cross-organization governance are less prioritized.
  • Smaller organizations will most likely find that the Microsoft 365 setup can fulfill a majority of their requirements, while mid-sized and larger companies will struggle with the limitations in the platform.
  • If an organization wants a scope that is beyond a basic intranet, a budget will be needed for internal and/or external expertise to setup and manage the solution.
  • When creating intranet customizations to cope with SharePoint limitations a budget will also be needed for managing and updating these.

If you have any questions regarding comparing your intranet requirements to Microsoft 365, or if you wish to learn how Omnia meets your expectations – please let us know.